Presented by Optical Animal

The Nervous System is a showcase of experimental film, performance, and art.

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The screening is located in the Optical Animal work space, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
Please be respectful of the space and of our neighbors.

925 Bergen St. #107
Brooklyn, NY 11238

(Bergen St between Franklin and Classon Ave)
near the 2,3,4,5 and C trains

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Still from "" by Jeff Sisson

003. Friday, 3.15.19
Works by:
Gryphon Rue + Benton C Bainbridge
Nathan Wheeler (performance)
Julia Rich
Kate Freer & Ty Defoe
Taylor Gonzalez (installation)
Jeff Sisson
Max Nova (performance)

Still from "Postcard Columbo" by Edward Richardson

002. Wednesday, 12.14.16
Works by:
Edward Richardson
Angela Juarez
Vanessa Black
Andrew Ellis
Alex Markman
Mandy Mandelstein
Justin Scutieri
Michael Burris Johnson
Lorenzo Fonda
Sofia Theofilaktidis
Nick Bentgen
JR Skola

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Please send film, performance, and installation submissions to

For films, a vimeo or quicktime download link is best.

For performances or installations, please include existing photo/video documentation if available, and/or a written description of the work.

We will send you an email confriming that we have received your submission, and will follow up as soon as possible with regard to scheduling / programming.

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